MedicalHow Science & Technology Can Be Used to Solve Society’s problem?

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What is the public’s awareness of science and technology?

Public awareness of science (PAwS) is everything relating to the awareness, attitudes, behaviors, opinions, and activities that comprise the relations between the general public or lay society as a whole to scientific knowledge and organization. This concept is also known as public understanding of science (PUS), or more recently, public engagement with science and technology (PEST). It is a comparatively new approach to the task of exploring the multitude of relations and linkages science, technology, and innovation have among the general public.  While early work in the discipline focused on increasing or augmenting the public’s knowledge of scientific topics, in line with the information deficit model of science communication, the deficit model has largely been abandoned by science communication researchers. Instead, there is an increasing emphasis on understanding how the public chooses to use scientific knowledge and on the development of interfaces to mediate between expert and lay understandings of an issue.  Therefore, you can take advantage of expert advice from Bhawins if you are looking for better scientific solutions to technology problems.


How do we measure the public’s understanding of science and technology?

Science &Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. It helps society and determines how people interact with each other on a daily basis. It’s made learning more interactive and collaborative, this helps people better engage with the material that they are learning and have trouble with. Some steps are as follow.

Factual knowledge

The Key assumptions is that the more individual pieces of information a person is able to retrieve, the more that person is considered to have learned.

Self-reported knowledge, perceived knowledge, or perceived familiarity

The key assumption is that emphasizes the value of knowledge of one’s knowledge.

Structural knowledge

The nature of connections among different pieces of  information in memory. The key assumption is  that the use of elaboration increases the likelihood of remembering information

How can science and technology build your society?

Scientific solutions to technology problems are the building block of every generation. People are making their life more comfortable and want more easiness through this developments. Technology is the tool through which every civilization from past to present are growing. Communities which understand the basic fundamental of science bring changes to the society. Technology is always directly or indirectly related to science and through this many brain hacking things are built which ultimately change and gives a new direction to human life. But just like a coin has two faces, science and technology has also both advantages and disadvantages depending upon the mind set of different people. With technology, people not only bring good changes to the society but also creates devastating situations. With the development and greed of humans many unwanted weapons of mass destruction, pollution and many more things was created and many things are in developmental stage of creation. Along with Science, technology also plays an important role. Science affects our day today life in many ways. It is the base of new technologies which brings a positive change in our life style. Science and technology enrich our life by knowing more things and making use of the new technology.


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