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Environmental conservation is more essential than ever in today’s world. With growing awareness of the damage, humans are causing to our planet, an increasing number of people are looking for solutions to reduce dangerous substances. One method to achieve this is green chemistry, often known as sustainable chemistry.

There is no doubt that the world of chemistry has come a long way in recent decades. In particular, the field of green chemistry has undergone a surge in popularity as scientists and engineers have recognized its many benefits and advantages.

What is Green Chemistry?

Green chemistry is a branch of chemistry that focuses on the design and development of products and processes that minimize the use of hazardous materials.


In general, green chemistry refers to the use of environmental-friendly methods and materials in chemical research, production, and applications.


In addition, the term is sometimes used to refer to alternatives to traditional chemicals and processes that are safer and more eco-friendly.


Green chemistry can lower manufacturing costs and enhance efficiency while simultaneously decreasing the environmental effect of chemical products. For this reason, many scientists believe that the future of green chemistry is bright.

The goal of green chemistry

The purpose of green chemistry is to avoid the production of harmful compounds during the manufacturing process. Green chemistry is also concerned with the creation of less energy-intensive processes and products that do not generate hazardous waste.

Benefits Of Green Chemistry

  1. It has the potential to assist in reducing the environmental impact of products and processes.
  2. It can assist in reducing the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal.
  3. Green chemistry can benefit in the improvement of product and process safety.
  4. Green chemistry can help in environmental protection by limiting the emission of harmful compounds into the environment.
  5. And green chemistry can help to create jobs in the field of environmental science and engineering.


Importance Of Green Chemistry In Daily Life

Green chemistry is one of the most researched topics today. Major green chemistry research focuses on optimizing the intended output while limiting or eliminating the formation of undesired by products.


1. Green chemistry is an important tool in the fight against climate change

It can help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Green chemistry can also help to reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing processes.

2. Green chemistry is an essential tool in pollution control

It can aid in the reduction of toxic chemical releases into the environment. Green chemistry can also help in the improvement of process and product efficiency.

3. Waste Prevention

It is better to prevent waste generation at the very beginning of the process rather than treat the waste that is produced afterward. Production of any byproduct or material that has no purpose or value, including energy that cannot be captured or is left unused, is referred to as waste. E-factor is commonly known as the Environmental Impact Factor.  Nowadays, the E-factor notion is extensively used as a benchmark. E-factor is used to calculate the amount of waste generated per kilogram of the finished good.

4.  Dry Cleaning of Clothes

Perchloroethylene (perc) is the most often used solvent in dry cleaning. Perc is suspected to be contaminated when it is disposed of and is carcinogenic. A new innovation called micell technology, which combines a safer solvent like liquid carbon dioxide with adetergent for dry cleaning clothing, has been developed.

5.  Eco Friendly Paints

As oil-based ‘alkyd’paints dry and cure, they generate a high quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Using a mixture of soya oil and sugar in place of paints, resins, and solvents derived from petroleum petrochemicals reduced the threat of volatile organic compounds by half.

The Chermpol MPS paint formulation uses these bio-based solvents to replace petroleum-based solvents to produce paint that is safer to use.

These paints combine the performance benefits of alkyds with the low VOC content of acrylics.


6.  Biodegradable Plastic

Big dumping grounds for non-biodegradable trash plastic.  Different companies have been pursuing this goal.

Scientists have developed a process that turns cornstarch into a resin that is just as durable as the petroleum-based plastic now used to make containers, water bottles, etc.

The business is attempting to exploit agricultural waste as a raw material.

Another such is the Eco flex biodegradable polyester film that BASF created.  Using this film, calcium carbonate, and cassava starch, Ecovio totally biodegradable bags are created.

7.  Medicine

The pharmaceutical industry is trying to develop medications with less hazardous side effects using less lethal waste-producing techniques.

A biocatalysis company optimised both the enzyme and the chemical process, which greatly lowers risk and waste, is profitable, and meets consumer demands.


The use of aquatic hydrogen peroxide as an oxidising agent, the use of supercritical carbon dioxide, water as a green solvent, and the use of hydrogen in asymmetric synthesis are the three important discoveries in green chemistry. Microwave heating is increasingly being used to replace conventional heating techniques in order to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, it saves a substantial amount of time. Consuming food with lesser carbon footprints is also recommended these days.


Environmentally friendly chemical synthesis methods must be promoted, and green chemistry is a must. Green chemistry is essential to the planet of the future.


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